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Always putting the people of New Jersey first.

Meet Dick Codey

Husband. Father. Grandfather. Friend. Third-generation funeral director. Insurance consultant. Basketball coach. Governor. Senator. Longest serving member in the history of the New Jersey Legislature.

Is there anything Richard J. Codey hasn’t done?

Across New Jersey, Codey carries a well-earned reputation as a man who puts the families of New Jersey first in everything he does. You can learn more about Dick, his professional interests and his public service on this site, plus keep up with his latest offerings and opinions.

Public Service

The Legislature’s longest serving member has a distinguished career advocating for the people of New Jersey.

  • Codey: N.J.’s vulnerable domestic workers should have a ‘bill of rights’

    “They’re without rights,” said state Sen. Richard Codey, D-Essex, the bill’s primary sponsor. “In the food chain, they’re at the bottom. It’s about time.”

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  • Codey will announce plan to combat teen suicide on Wednesday

    A plan to fight teen suicide will be revealed by former Governor Richard Codey Wednesday at Liberty Middle School Auditorium in West Orange. Codey, according to Julie Bannon, executive director of the Codey Fund for Mental Health, will be joined by two New Jersey parents whose children died by suicide.

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  • Former Gov. Codey and Wife Mary Jo Start Fund to Help Those with Mental Illness

    The Codey Fund for Mental Health aims to help those suffering from mental illnesses get the help they need. After a personal battle with mental health illness, former Gov. Richard Codey and his wife Mary Jo Codey have begun the Codey Fund for Mental Health.

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  • Codey starts 49th year in N.J. legislature today

    When Richard James Codey takes the oath of office at noon today, he will begin his 49th year in the New Jersey Legislature – a continuation of the record he’s held for the last eight years as the longest serving legislator in New Jersey history.

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  • Who Is Richard J. Codey Anyway?

    “You made some remark to one of the women on my staff that I’m an unlikely reformer,” Mr. Codey, in his usual calm manner, told an interviewer recently. “Now, she thinks you’re a jerk. And she’s right.”

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  • Former New Jersey governor goes undercover as homeless man

    (Reuters) – A phony beard, a fake tattoo and clothes dragged through grass and stained with coffee were all it took to transform former New Jersey Governor Richard Codey into a homeless man looking for shelter on a frigid night this week.

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Articles from Richard

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  • With proper oversight, NIL will erase the abuses of the past and level the playing field. Without institutional oversight, NIL will make the abuses of the past -- free cars, envelopes filled with $100 bills and jobs for family members -- look like amateur hour. 

  • Car theft

    Last month, Sen. Bucco and I introduced legislation that will give law enforcement new tools to fight the wave of car thefts and carjackings spreading across our suburbs. Now, this crisis has taken an awful twist.

  • LIV Golf

    It's true, everyone really does have a price. Just look at the dozens of pro golfers jumping to the upstart LIV Tour, bankrolled but the sovereign wealth fund of Saudi Arabia.


  • How Codey’s Basketball Team Is Protesting an NJ Mayor’s Racist Comments

    CLARK — The 7th grade West Orange Knights boys basketball team will all be wearing T-shirts with the words “end racism” and “equality” during a tournament in Clark, where the mayor has been accused of making racist comments.

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  • A grandfather, and a former NJ governor helped a Hardyston teen get life-saving surgery

    LIVINGSTON — James Post had never heard of Sen. Richard Codey when he approached him at a Sussex County restaurant four months ago. He only knew that he was a politician who, given his status, might be able to help his granddaughter, Jessica Riley, receive the scoliosis surgery she needed.

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  • patch-logo

    Sen. Codey Of NJ Says He Helped Rescue Driver After Serious Crash

    The luckiest person alive? That’s an understatement, according to Sen. Richard Codey, who says he helped rescue a woman from a “serious accident” on I-195.

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  • Former NJ governor calls LIV Golf a ‘disgrace,’ tells players not to take ‘blood money’

    New Jersey Gov. Richard Codey says he doesn’t want Saudi Arabia to buy ‘good public relations’ in the U.S. with LIV Golf.

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  • Gov. Richard Codey Supports Local Deli During Pandemic

    CALDWELL, NJ — Caldwell’s Dave’s Delicious Deli, known locally for its made-to-order chicken salad and sandwiches, recently hosted a “Free Sandwich Bonanza” event, where former governor and Roseland resident Richard Codey paid the first $15 of every order received that day.

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  • Codey’s basketball team wins national championship

    WEST ORANGE — The West Orange Knights won the Amateur Athletics Union Boys Basketball National Championships over a team from North Carolina — four years after losing in the finals to a Los Angeles team by four points.

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“Your support has meant so much to me. You really are excellent at your job and a wonderful person. I really appreciate all that you did to make things a bit more bearable.”

“Excellent job by Gov. Codey and Kelly Carey. A fabulous job. My family has been in the funeral business 100 years and I was impressed.”

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