Car theft

Car thefts are skyrocketing in New Jersey and the targets keep changing. Stay informed and lock your cars.

Last month, Sen. Bucco and I introduced legislation that will give law enforcement new tools to fight the wave of car thefts and carjackings spreading across our suburbs. Now, this crisis has taken an awful twist.

The bad guys now are searching unlocked cars for garage door openers so they can enter homes, as we learn in the update below from Florham Park Police Chief Orlando. This goes beyond simply looking for key fobs and driving off in your car. This puts all of us and our families at a greater risk. So please lock your cars, take your keys and never leave a garage door opener in an unlocked car.

We believe our legislation eventually will hurt these criminal networks. In the meantime, please do your part by following these basic safeguards and sharing this important information.

Thank you, and be safe. Read Chief Orlando’s update here, and learn more about our legislation here.


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